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How We Started

Living in your dream house will not feel like everything you have hoped for if you keep on encountering pests. Instead of not having any worries about rats, cockroaches, spiders, and mice, you spend lots of money trying to find a solution to your pest problem. Frustrating, isn’t it?

We were just simple people, living in our own houses in the suburbs of North Carolina, and we were getting pest problems several times a year.  Our neighbors were having same kind of problems too.

As we were sitting together in our backyard a business idea dawned on us. What if we could launch our own pest fighting brand. Something that would help us and bring us some side income.

We Care for Life so No Toxins

There are many ill effects that you can get from using chemical-based solutions. These synthetic chemicals may cause allergic reactions like difficulty of breathing, watery eyes, and nose and skin irritation. Aside from being toxic to you and your pets, it can also be messy, as you have to clean up after using them. This is what we are trying our best to avoid.

You can drive pests away without worrying about synthetic chemicals. Our pest control sprays are made with organic, non-toxic materials and do not contain any synthetic chemicals. It is perfect for homeowners who want to go green as they get rid of their pest problems. And since our sprays are organic, they are safe to use around kids and pets too.

We, at Pest Soldier, love the environment as much as you do. Our pledge is drive away pests without harming any form of life in the process.